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Stevens Bay

Lake of the Woods, Ontario





Maximizing your potential for success is our primary goal. Bring your own boat or let us provide one for you. We offer 16-foot aluminum, deep V-hull boats with 25 hp outboard motors. All boats come with camouflage netting. Young's also has a limited number of canoes available.


The meal schedule is adjusted to fit your hunting preferences. Due to the proximity of hunting sites many of our hunters go out early for first light hunting, come back for breakfast, and then go back out again.




There are four major North American waterfowl flyways and the eastern shoreline of Lake of the Woods is located in the heart of the longest migration route of any flyway in the Western hemisphere. The Mississippi flyway’s Northern terminus is the arctic coast of Alaska and its Southern-most point ends in Patagonia.


Stevens Bay is composed of countless small back bays and ponds sufficiently shallow to provide a perfect environment for habitat. The area yields the greatest concentration of wild rice anywhere in Northwest Ontario making it the ideal stop-over feeding point for migrating ducks.


Stevens Bay supports Black Ducks, Blue Wing Teal, Bluebills, Buffleheads, Gadwall, Goldeneyes, Green Wing Teal, Mallards, Pintails, Ringbills, Widgeons and Wood Ducks. There are also Greater Canada, Lesser Canada and Snow Geese.


It is the breath-taking beauty of the islands and mainland that also make it an ideal hunting destination. They are heavily wooded and feature significant habitat so hunters don’t need artificial duck blinds. Just lay out a spread of decoys and step back into the cover. Best of all, there are numerous land-mass points that provide excellent pass shooting without decoys. While we have guides available, there are over a dozen prime hunting blinds within five minutes of the camp. We’d be happy to take you around and show them to you.


The annual duck hunting season begins on the second Saturday of September and we accept guests through the second week of October. To keep hunting pressure down and increase success rate we only take a limited number of duck hunters at a time so it’s a good idea to make your reservation as early as possible.


We are far enough North that the early winter weather conducive to duck migration is common for the time of year however weather can be variable ranging from freezing cold with snow to shirt-sleeve warm. It is important to bring layered clothing to be prepared for any eventuality.


Duck hunting success is always subject to weather conditions so we suggest hunters consider making their stay at Young’s Camp a well-rounded hunting/fishing combination. There are miles of logging trails you can walk for some of the best grouse hunting you’ll ever experience.




Hunting License

Non-residents of Ontario must present one of the following to obtain a current non-resident license to hunt in Ontario:


1. An Ontario non-resident’s hunting license issued to you after January 1, 1968.


2. A hunting license issued to you by a competent authority in any jurisdiction as a resident of that jurisdiction after January 1, 1968.

3. An Ontario Hunter Education Examination Report or Certificate issued to you after January 1, 1968.

4. An Ontario Hunting License Verification Certificate showing that you were issued an Ontario license to hunt, or passed the Hunting License Examination.


5. A certificate, issued to you after January 1, 1968, by a competent authority in any jurisdiction, giving you permission to purchase a resident’s hunting license in that jurisdiction.


Youth Hunters

In Ontario the minimum hunting age for non-residents is 16. Children ages 16 – 18 years must be under the immediate supervision of a hunting adult. Be sure to check with Canadian immigration in advance of your trip to comply with the requirements for bringing a minor into Canada.



Canadian customs allows hunters to bring rifles and shotguns, and up to 200 rounds of ammunition into Canada; handguns are not allowed. All firearms must be registered with Canadian customs when crossing the border and there is a Canadian $30 fee.


For waterfowl we recommend a 12 gauge shotgun with non-toxic #4 or larger shot and for upland game #8 or larger shot lead or non-toxic.


Camouflage verses Blaze Orange

In Ontario waterfowl hunters may wear camouflage but upland and big game hunters are required to wear a hunter orange garment and head cover at all times. The hunter orange garment must cover a minimum of 400 sq. in. above the waist and be visible from all sides.


Hunting Dogs

To bring a dog into Canada you must have a certificate, signed by a veterinarian licensed in Canada or in the United States, stating that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies during the preceding 36 months. Also, Canadian law does not permit bringing dog food into Canada; it must be purchased locally.


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